BytePac Kit EU USB 2.0

- 1 SATA / USB2
- 3 Empty boxes
- 3 Sleeves
- 3 Sets of labels
- 2.5" Adapter
- with EU-plug
- Without hard drive

Everything you need to create your external hard drive.Install your own hard drive in one of the box and connect BytePac to your computer or video game console.
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BytePac – The new kind of external hard drive - Good for you, your data and the environment.


BytePac is your innovative and affordable alternative to traditional external hard drives and at the same time an archiving system you can use far into the future for your data. BytePac is ingeniously simple, very practical, environmentally friendly and affordable for everyone. With BytePac, „Green IT“ is no longer just a promise. BytePac makes „Green IT“ reality.

NPPO - No Plastics, paper only!

BytePac consists 100% of recyclable material (paper). The modular construction of the connection system is designed so that you can access the data you archive with your BytePac long into the future – no matter what the future brings. The "modular system" lets you adapt the interface easily and affordably to any specific standard.

Sustainability not only in terms of production, but also usability


BytePac, in terms of sustainabilisave oilty and environmental impact, is in a class all by itself here. Compared with a traditional hard drive housing made of plastic, which processes and consumes about 350 ml of crude oil, our BytePac is made 100% of renewable raw materials. The one-cable connection system is easy to upgrade and retrofit, so you will be able to access the data archived in the BytePac for decades to come.

protect environment


BytePac offers you the best-possible way of archiving and storing your old data carriers at home or at work. All you have to do is pack up your hard drive in a BytePac; then just label it like a normal document binder and store it on your shelf. Use the one-cable connection system that comes with it to access the data stored there quickly and at any time, with just one "click." Simply take the BytePac with the desired data from the archive, pop out the stand under the BytePac, set up the BytePac, and connect it to your computer via the one-cable connection system - All done!

And you're ready to access the data you want with no fuss, without searching all over or connecting all kinds of different cables.


Customized in capacity and performance with a level of quality that satisfies your demands.

BytePac lets you create your own external hard drive in no time at all - affordable and ecological. It doesn't matter if you want to use a decommissioned data carrier from your old PC or a new hard drive. With the BytePac you always know what's inside!

With almost all manufacturers of external hard drive systems it's not obvious which hard drives are really inside the housing. What that means for you is that you can't be sure about the quality you're dealing with here. In a worst-case scenario, substandard storage media could be built in that considerably increase the risk of data loss. With BytePac, you decide the quality of the data carrier yourself, because you're the only one who knows how valuable the data are for you.

Your BytePac: unmistakable, because it can be custom designed

You can determine the recall value / design of your BytePac yourself. Choose either the classic BytePac in “natural brown" and use various colors of labels to create your own color-coded system, or you use the Exclusive Line with its high-quality, colored papers. And if you want it to be really distinctive, create your own sleeves based on the cutout diagram that is available here for downloading. No matter how your BytePacs look, you'll like them.


With BytePac by CONVAR, you're not only getting an archiving system that can be used in the future and an innovative external hard drive solution. You're also supporting the integration of handicapped persons into the work world and helping save resources.

Palatinate Forest


BytePac is manufactured in Pirmasens, Germany from 100% renewable raw materials in collaboration with the Heinrich Kimmle Foundation - a foundation that promotes handicapped persons and helps integrate them into society.



protect environmentGrowing solutions...

BytePac grows along with your requirements. If you're now using a PC with a USB 2 interface, but in the future your new PC only supports USB 3 or even Thunderbolt, all you have to do is exchange the interface module of your BytePacs. With traditional external hard drives, upgrading to a faster interface is not possible. The result: you may not be able to access your old data in the future!

With our BytePac Kit you can now connect all SATA and IDE hard drives. You cannot connect SCSI hard drives with the BytePac Kit! But you can archive the hard drives as usual in the BytePac. If you are looking for a connection solution for your old IDE or SCSI hard drives, just speak with our Support Team. By working with the experts from CONVAR – the data recovery company – we will find together the right solution for your connection problem.

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